L4 2-2 Huntingdon Ladies 1

Soph Hodgkinson

Going in as the underdogs against the team newly relegated from the above league we went out pretty strong ending with 2-2. The defensive line keeping the ball out of the D and clearing it out quickly with Lou saving many goals meant the midfielders and forwards were able to get the ball closer to our attacking D and goals a coming from Kath and Tuffers brought the first half to 2-0.

Not long into the second half, play was stopped as one of the opposition needed first aid, luckily between Kath’s amazing first aid training and Laurie’s inhaler, she was ok and we were able to continue the game.

This weeks POM’s go to Ginny for her incredible defending and Kath for her awesome runs and great goal and LOM goes to Sophie for pointing Liv out to Jimmy as the “one in purple...”.

it was a tough game but bring on next week.


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Ginny Ashcroft
Player of the Match

Superb defending!

Kath Atkin
Player of the Match

Awesome runs and a cracking goal

Soph Hodgkinson
Lemon of the Match

“The one in purple”