Victory in the 69th minute!

Annie Macdonald

Arriving to find the car park full of swimming pool sized puddles, a huge lack in car parking spaces and no toilet in sight, South 5’s were having a slow start and in dire need of a pee.

Despite all of this, the game began strong with the vast majority of the play in the offensive end for South 5’s. Through powerful passing and perfect position from all the mids and forwards, we kept driving into the Newmarket D winning multiple short corners. Nicole, Fi, Claudia and Hayley were constantly there holding the middle. Kea also had some lovely drives up the right wing and into the D along the base line, just like we’d practised in training.

However, Newmarket 3’s had a very strong defensive line and really tested our forwards ability to finish. The first half ended with Newmarket 3’s having a speedy break through, slipping past the defence and popping one in the goal.

The second half was a lot more eventful. Winning more short corners, Ann had some lovely strikes almost scoring. During one memorable short corner, Polly injected beautifully and Fi fell over. This unique combination distracted Newmarket 3’s so much, we almost got out first goal and also earnt Fi joint LOM.

At half time, we had been warned: Aggressive play would not be tolerated. Zara tried and tested this and gained a green card… Unsurprisingly the umpires weren’t lying. Very soon after, a Newmarket player also got a green card.

South 5’s continued to win multiple short corners, and notably winning a penalty shot. With a strong push into the back left corner of the goal, Niamh won South 5’s their first goal of the game. Was 1-1 enough for South 5’s? I think not.

Play continued with a lot more determination from both teams. The play was very back and forth for both teams. Vicki made some lovely passes up the left wing to Naomi. In the last two minutes of the game, South 5’s had a breakaway. A quick pass up the pitch saw Naomi score the winning goal for South 5’s. Taking the score to 2-1. Seconds later, the game ended and South 5’s maintained their position at the top of the league for another week.

Throughout the game, there was strong defending and tight marking from Rosie, Rebecca, Annie and Shree. In particular, Shree’s solid protection of the right hand side, prevented Newmarket 3’s from having any big runs down the line and earnt herself joint POM. The defensive line doesn’t stop there. Louise’s incredible goalie skills, winning a one on one against a Newmarket 3’s forward who had managed to slip past the defensive line, earnt her joint POM. She’s definitely a keeper.

Who was Fi joint LOM with I hear you ask? Well… Annie’s inability to get it up when it comes to aerials (even after some 1 on 1 coaching with James) and also picking up the ball mid match completely forgetting about COVID, earnt her joint LOM. Any volunteers to help teach Annie to get it up would be appreciated.

Leaving the game in good spirits, we all sang a tuneful happy birthday to Fi and gave her a cake! Hope you had a lovely rest of your birthday!


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Shree Thirumalaikumar
Player of the Match

Great tackles and drives down the wing

Louise Robeson
Player of the Match

Great saves

Fi Wright
Lemon of the Match

For slipping in the D and defending our own attacking short corner!

Annie Macdonald
Lemon of the Match