Captain Turncoat

Sean Gardiner

It was a tale of two halves, and when they say patience is a virtue, the case in part was to watch the match playing for the opposition in goal. [Ed - Sean guested for Newmarket between the sticks as they brought no 'keeper with them].

To give the side their dues it was a good performance considering most of the team had not played with each other and the back line was one you would never have expected [mostly forwards!]. But it did work.

The first half was a bit scrappy, but signs were there that there were goals in this one and Thomas Grove duly ticked that box with a tidy finish. The midfield and back line were starting to work together then half time.

What a difference a break makes. The passing was crisper, everyone was talking more and we were much more efficient in what we did. It was duly the case with a further four goals. I don't know who scored them as I was trying to save them, and was probably on the floor!

Give Newmarket their dues they were game, but youth and a better understanding of the game was the difference as well as working together as a team. Which is very pleasing. Newmarket will get better, they just need to be patient with the young ones.

Very enjoyable and in parts a great contest with youth and experience count for a lot.


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Jim Hall
Player of the Match

Runs in midfield and unselfish passes (also see Tom)

Tom South
Player of the Match

Runs in midfield and unselfish passes (also see Jim)

Sean Gardiner
Player of the Match

Unselfishly guested for the opposition.

Simon Ta
Lemon of the Match

Not quite as unselfish with the ball...