Spicy forwards and badass defence

Izzy MacDonald-Parry

How we beat City, again:

  • Watched the 4s win 7-0.
  • Team talk about sensible passing and working hard.
  • Went 1-0 in the first half after Izzy made a tackle, drove in to the D for Jess F to slip past the keeper.
  • Great tackles from the defence to maintain the lead. MoM votes for all of the defence.
  • Telling your teammates you love them when they make good tackles (Jess W to Grace and Lauren).
  • Driving runs by the midfield to feed balls through to the forwards.
  • Half time talk about stopping trying to play wonder balls and control the game a bit more.
  • Going 2-0 up when Sam sent a long ball through a sea of players, ‘left’ by Jess F on the P spot to find unmarked Izzy on the far post to slap past the keeper.

Things to avoid next time:

  • Strops that involve throwing your stick when you miss the ball - Rhiannon
  • Hitting city players in the shins with your stick when you miss the ball and lose control of it - Isabelle
  • Reversing the ball so high over the goal it hit the net above the fence - Isabelle
  • Passing to the opposition instead of your own players - Whole team.
  • Getting cross when you get your leg stuck in a stick and wiping out - Jessica F
  • Picking up the ball, panicking and wiping your hand clean on other players - Sarah

PoM went to Caitlin and and Sam for good tackles and silky skills.

LoM went to Izzy and Rhi for stick incidents.


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Sam McComish
Player of the Match

Great work-rate and silky skills

Caitlin Phillips-Diggons
Player of the Match

Great tackles, intercepts and solid defending in all positions

Rhi Davies
Lemon of the Match

Having a paddy and throwing her stick away

Izzy MacDonald-Parry
Lemon of the Match

Stick to shin mishap