Debut report

Anthony Dunbell

As I am a new member and just settling in to the club I would like to say first of all thank you for the warm welcome each week although I haven’t been the fittest at present coming out of lockdown! I have been learning a new position since my arrival and have taken the challenge on with enthusiasm although I hope that I have not had too many blunders! Great support was received from the Michael (keeper) Dan and Dave.

After various conversations with my team members this was a good Cambridge City side and a tough encounter was inevitable, and so it turned out. We held our own in the first half and a good inspirational half time team talk. We almost held out at the back until the last quarter of the game and with some fantastic saves from Michael. We conceded a flick although this may have been down to a sympathy vote against a junior player. Gaps were appearing in our line and this was due to pressure from the City and some errors. However, a great spirited fight was carried out till the end. The midfield and attack did have some opportunities however they did come up against a premier league level defence as confirmed at half time.

The weather was not akin with a summer game but did not detract from the quality of the game.


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Mike Gillingham
Player of the Match

He saved *a lot* of goals, some pretty tough.

Mike Gillingham
Lemon of the Match

He also decided to slide into one of the minors on the opposition side and flip him in the air.