What Strawberry Bikini?!

Simon Ta

And so it arrived. The final appearance.

With the kneepads rolled up, the golf glove on and the rainbow heart headband on tight, the message was clear.

Let’s go out with a bang boys!

Saffron Walden didn’t get the message though and decided to outplay us and race to an early 2 goal lead. Kieran, full of running up front, stretched the defence at times and Nev and Ian probed in midfield, but the opponents were proving a tough nut to crack.

Half time came and after passionate words from the honorary skipper for the day imploring us to show them what South can do, we regrouped and put our game faces on.

A tactical switch of sticks resulted in the early retirement of the jinky dribbly multi colored kookaburra in favour of the….jinky dribbly hammerhead blue kookaburra…

And what an inspired substitution it was! After a few close chances, a great piece of skill from Kevin released Brandon into the box and he won a short corner.

Eyes on the prize. Heavy headed sledgehammer in hand. A great ball out from Ian was received by Si and after summoning the almighty Monkosaurus spirit, hit the hardest shot of his career into the bottom corner! Get in! A welcome change from the trademark 2 yard tap in.

Spirits were raised. James and Wilco making forays into the opposition half and driving runs from cannot believe it’s not a keeper keeper Toynton, put the opposition on the backfoot.

Sadly we could not convert the pressure into goals and the opposition regrouped and banged in another 2. Sandwiched in between, was another bang… when a deflected strike hit Si in the face for a farewell swelling below the eye… (I did say I would go out with a bang!)

Special thanks to Martin who made the trip to join in the farewell pictures.

Alas, I bid fortress Longers a fond farewell. On to the land of the Rising Sun in Japan to tell tales of the Sexy Super Noodles 13.

P.s What Miyazaki lacks in hockey pitches, it makes up for with the world’s finest beef (Miyazaki Wagyu beat Kobe Wagyu 3 years in a row!) With my new hobby being eating as much as I can, I may have to change any future play style to suit a more rotund, large and plump style, suitable for my new anticipated weight.

It has been a pleasure! Love me or loathe me, I hope you won’t forget me (or that strawberry bikini)


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Simon Ta
Player of the Match

We'll miss your cheeky headband

Simon Ta
Lemon of the Match

We'll not miss your strawberry bikini