There once was a girl in purple…

Kim Cooil

There once was a girl in purple
Who was sometimes as slow as a turtle
Her name was Kim
She always made a din
So her team called her moaning Myrtle

There once was a girl who played goalie
Who saved all the goals - holy moly
Her name was Loopy
We all said whoopie
As she did a spectacular roly poly

There once was a team called Wisbech
Who stuck to us like a leech
Who try as they might
And put up a great fight
Their win was just out of reach

There once was a team called South
Who were nearly as good as Louth
We scored two goals
And had lots of lols
And our captain must shut her mouth

There once was a second half
Which was anything but a laugh
20 minutes went by
I let out a cry
Did poor Annie pull her calf?

There once was a girl with a green card
Who got it as she thought she was hard
Louder got the whistle
As she was as prickly as a thistle
And off she went in a Mard

There once was a girl called Kate
Who we’d all like to be our team mate
She’s got some mad skillzz
And does CrossFit for thrillzzz
And we think purples her fate…

And then the full time whistle went
Thank god as we were all spent
The day was hot
The game was a lot
But 3 points is what it meant!


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Lou Tonkin
Player of the Match

So many great saves to keep us ahead

Kim Cooil
Lemon of the Match

Got a green but won the free hit