The world is the L2s oyster

Liandi Venter

“The world is your oyster”. What better way to start this week’s match report with a quote from our very own Captain Dani during our pre-game chat!? And she was not wrong! 

The day was already off to a good start. And I’m not just referring to the Good inspirational pre game chat, but also knowing we will have Jan and Adam as our umpires (a big shout out and thank you to them!!).

South started off strong and spent most of the first half in our circle. After many goal attempts from the forwards and mids, Jess finally and got the first goal of the match!

Play continued and through good team work - all the way from backs (although limited ball time) to mid-field and forwards we managed to keep ball possession. Hayley worked particularly hard in the mid-field, which secured her the well deserved player of the match and made all the pre-game visualisation worth it! 

The second goal was from a rebound on a short corner and showed that sometimes, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles - if you get my pun!

Halftime came quickly and even though we were 2-0 up, recent experience taught us that the game can change at any time and we need to make the shots at goal count. Jenny shared some brand new information during our pre game chat, that a great way to prevent the horrid of 9 October 2021, is to just be well ahead in goals, and with that in mind together with game play talk from Paul, we started the second half determined to get more goals on the scoresheet. 

Dani made a number of spectacular runs from the mid field to the D, that Jess converted into two more goals! Even though we had around 14 short corners in the game (but who’s counting and by who I mean Rhi!), Jess managed to get our short corner conversion up from 1-14 to 2-14 by scoring off a straight strike - South now leading 5-0. Even though we have not gotten more goals off our shorts -  we will see this as a learning experience and hopefully reap the benefits later in the season!

South not satisfied with a 5-0 lead, kept fighting and I managed to score the 6th goal of the match! The final whistle went and we walked away with a 6-0 win!!!!

All and all we played a great game! We worked as a team and had a number of great goal attempts, including one from Nichola who clearly had enough waiting around at the back! Bryony only touched the ball once with a great save on a short. We also managed to survive a number of high balls from Long Sutton, which got better once Jan had a talk with the opponents!

I, allegedly, celebrated one of the missed goal attempts and ended up with LOM, although Hayley was also a very strong LOM contender, as she decided to drive to Cantabs for teas! Alas, I had to bite the lemon and now in serious need of a good baker to ensure we uphold this very new and indulging L2 tradition of weekly cake!


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Hayley Sharpe
Player of the Match

Amazing and great supportive play on the pitch, and for just having a smashing game!

Liandi Venter
Lemon of the Match

For celebrating a goal when the ball didn’t end up in the goal…