Cards & Cake

Rebecca Frith

I started the day well by posting Sam’s key through her letterbox and locking her out of her house. Having acquired a rickety ladder from a neighbour, we then failed miserably to break in through a first-floor window and retrieve Sam’s hockey kit. I was late. Sam was very late. Lemon was now firmly secured and our potential careers as thieves were not looking promising. Time to focus on the match.


The match started off very well and South looked strong attacking Bourne’s circle time and time again. The press was working really well due to some fantastic teamwork and Bourne struggled to get the ball out of their own half. Eventually the first goal came from a lifted reverse sweep from Dani to be deflected mid-air, out of nowhere, by Player of the Match Liandi.


Play continued with lots of lovely triangles from the mid-fielders and lots of opportunities came from attacks up the wings instigated by half-backs Jenny and Feline. The second goal for South came withing two minutes of the second half. A pass from the baseline on the right of goal which was swept home by Jess. As the half continued Bourne’s goalie was forced to make many more saves.


In the last third Nichola received a green card for using the back of her stick. South’s defence was briefly shaken up but eventually rallied and started attacking strong again. Extra mention for Nichola who immediately subbed herself back off after the green card “to avoid getting annoyed at the umpire!”.


Unfortunately, shortly after this, Bourne broke onto the score sheet when a stick tackle outside of the D was upgraded to a short-corner which they promptly scored from. Enough said about that.


Tensions were getting high at this point, but South kept pushing hard and tackling strong, winning short corners but sadly not goals. At this point Sam, who had only turned up at half-time (sorry!), was sent off with a yellow card for using the back of her stick while defending on the right wing. Enough said about that.


In the last ten minutes Bourne won another short-corner and popped the ball in the goal, via Jenny’s shoulder which now has a very impressive bruise…. enough said about that also.


Full-time whistle went with the score equal at 2-2. Some very bitter disappointment for South L2s this weekend to not get the win but we showed we were the stronger team when we worked together and there was some fantastic play during the match. Very happy to have held off Bourne and look so strong with just ten players on the pitch. Well done everyone! We are definitely looking forward to facing Bourne again at home where we will really show them what we can do! Player of the Match went to Liandi for shear determination up-front and an amazing goal.


Of course L2s hockey wouldn't be L2s hockey without the appearance of cake at teas and celebratory signing for Sophie's birthday. Happy birthday to Sophie! I’m sure your Mum (hockey supporter extraordinaire) is very excited that you can now learn to drive!


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Liandi Venter
Player of the Match

Cracking goal and real determination and hard work in attack 

Rebecca Frith
Lemon of the Match

For locking Sam out of her house…