Three lovely points

Matt Saint-Gower

Point 1 – Never give up. Learn from every game. Train Hard.

Point 2 – Keep playing as a team, keep faith in each other, trust each other and your ability, talk and communicate.

Point 3 – I said it was coming and oh boy, how those 3 lovely points came in. We are the 5s, there is something special in this side, I’m proud to be a 5s player and so are all my team mates. We have bonded, this band of brothers now know the winning feeling. There are more victories to come.



John Greaves 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Awesome win, boys. Well done all

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Joshua Spellmoore
Player of the Match

Amazing all-round performance and scoring a very good goal. Special shout out to Henry for a brilliant performance on his debut.

Dave Monck
Lemon of the Match

Short corner after short corner after short corner "row" with the opposition keeper and defence.