Chip butties

Kea Haw

After a marvellous 3 point win last week (top performance girls well done) we were ready to hit the round running. Or hit the ground yoga-ing in my case (LOM).

First half was fairly even, ending 2-1 to Haverhill. Mia had some smashing saves earning her POM. Naomi scored for south with one of her classic lil post taps. Half time pep talk and Candy Kitten fuel got the team ready and focused to go back on. Apart from me who didn’t know where I was playing (more LOM’s).

Unfortunately Haverhill made another break widening the goal difference further. A beautiful slap into the goal from Amelia gave us a little more hope. This hope was short lived as Haverhill scored again. Naomi was then taken out by a defender, whilst at the other end of the pitch Claudia was taken out by a forward. I think there was another goal, and maybe another. I felt a glimmer of hope when a flick was awarded, yelling at Amelia to get on the pitch to take it, only for Amelia to explain it was Haverhill’s flick, not ours. I got sad, and also more LOM’s.

I think we were relieved to hear the final whistle blow. It was a tiring game and we were hungry. Rhian being the mother hen she is buttered everyone’s bread ready for the chip butties, to be Claudias first ever in fact! I’m not sure she agreed it’s one of the nations best dishes but enjoyed it none the less.

Here’s to a better result next week.


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Mia Rutherford
Player of the Match

Excellent saves! Did a fantastic job!

Kea Haw
Lemon of the Match

Where do we start.. doing yoga while the rest of the team are doing sticks in, shouting "who's right mid" when she was & shouting for Amelia to go on and take out flick when it was Haverhill who had the flick.