Hands, face, space

Henry Macdonald

Hands: Some quick passing off the bat (stick) gave south a strong start. Peter fired in an accurate ball at goal and Jordan was able to tickle it in. The goalie didn’t enjoy this tickling as it turned out and his team responded.

Face: Spalding's midfield awoke and started to control the game. Souths form was tested and resisted well until an equaliser was achieved by Spalding via a short corner routine that looked like it was practised as a nightly ritual. South were showing good signs with faces up despite the equaliser, some good passing from Jan, Roland and Alan to the midfield almost gave Jordan and Rob the opportunities they needed for another tickling session with the Spalding goalie, but not quite. Spalding gained the edge over us down the centre of the field and just before half time Spalding scored again despite Alan offering up his hand to try and stop the ball going in. South was still in this though and faces were held high.

Space: Half time team talk complete, South were looking for more space and quick passing along the wings and found some. However, Spalding had the same idea. Roland came alive in the midfield despite a back injury, passing balls left, right and centre finding Vincent, Matt and Ahmad allowing for passes through to their D. In the face of some good play, Spalding were finding ways through and despite determined and good defence, an obviously well practised press put a number away against us. The slippery pitch was causing both teams grief with overcommitment to a tackle committing oneself only to the floor allowing a number of steals of possession from both teams. South were gaining traction late on and a late short corner offered glimmers of hope, but couldn’t quite be finished.

South fought hard and the scoreline doesn’t reflect some of the good play achieved. We’ll come back stronger for next week!


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Roland Li
Player of the Match

Danced around the slippery opposition like the White Swan

Jan Brynjolffssen
Player of the Match

Played well ... and untied Peter's shirt from the gate-post on the way out and brought it safely home.

Alec Alston
Lemon of the Match

Danced around the slippery pitch like Bambi on Ice

Peter Finding
Lemon of the Match

Played well ... but then quite remarkably tied his shirt to the gate-post on the way out!(?!)