And the wait goes on…..

Jo Dant

The day started at Long Road with gales in excess of 20mph and cold wintry showers. The team line up had a mix of youth and experience ready for a tough game.


The first goal came after a rebound from a short corner as an opposition player hit a shot from a tomahawk after a series of short corners. Second goal fell after some great build up play from nomads, and nomads went to half time leading 2-0.



As the second half went on, the game started slowing down as both teams showed signs of tiredness , however Nomads were able to keep the upper hand and had sustained pressure on the south defence . Several short corners occurred, which were managed to be kept out thanks to a determined defence . At this point, nomads , decided to play a variant and slip to the right to another attacker , who solidly slotted the ball in the bottom right corner for a 3-0 victory.

On to the next match lads! 


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Alex Budenberg
Player of the Match

Great running and interceptions. A sterling effort!