The triple lemon

Becky Donaldson

Wilberforce Road was the venue for the L4s return game against the Pelicans. The away game against the Pelicans had been a fiesty match, rattling even our normally temperate captain Hannah. As the Pelicans *were* the current league leaders the L4s were determined repeat the previous win. 

South started aggressively with several shots on goal but the Pelicans keeper managed to keep us at bay. 

At training this week, Naomi had managed to smack a ball so hard that it split into pieces. Whilst she didn't quite manage to repeat this feat, she did manage to smack it into the goal behind the keeper putting us 1-0 up. 

South continued to keep the pressure up with the Pelicans keeper having a cracking game. A quick ball from the right to Amelia managed to catch the goalie by surprise though. The subs were equally surprised when Becky ran off the pitch, thinking the celebratory cheers were a shout to sub out. Oops. 

The second half was more even with our forwards trying to pass it round their strong goalie. Eventually Indi cracked a ball from outside the D to Emily who found the goal with her characteristic ease to put us 3-0 up. 

The Pelicans started to make a come back with South aware that a 3 goal lead would move us much higher in a crowded top-of-the-league. The game got scrappier but Laurie and Anne-Marie managed to hold them at bay with some great defending. 

We had one last chance at goal from a short corner. In a 3rd attempt (see later for first attempt) at lemon of the match, Becky tried to take it from the wrong line (why are there even two lines though?). When she found the right line to inject from, Emily did a great strike straight into the goal but it was unfortunately ruled slightly too high. 

Final score was 3-0 with POM awarded to Anne-Marie for strong defence and speed getting back. 

And if you're wondering what my first attempt at lemon was, it was actually a legacy lemon (I'm pretty sure this is not a thing) from Thursday training where I *might* have forgotten to put my headlights on to drive in the dark and *might* have not stopped for the police who put their sirens on to pull me over for it. Oops.


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Anne-Marie Bowring
Player of the Match

Impressive runs and interceptions, great work getting the ball up the pitch and just all-round great defense.

Becky Donaldson
Lemon of the Match

The triple lemon. 1) Thinking the cheering for her meant she could sub off the pitch without a replacement. 2) Trying to inject the ball from the wrong line in a short corner. 3) Accidently ignoring the police when they asked her to put her lights on whilst she was driving to training. "I didn't understand why they were following me, I thought the criminals must be around me".