CSHC L6 1-7 Newmarket 3

Louise Walker

We arrived early at the cold and foggy Newmarket pitch in time for a good warm up and raring to go. With a forward-heavy line-up, a few players had to shift further back than where they were used to playing, and everyone worked hard to adapt to their new positions. May made her debut in goal and was excellent, making numerous saves. We also got plenty of short corner practice (at both ends) throughout the match. We made good use of pitch width, and there were good runs up the line by Elaine, Charlotte and Emma. It was 2-0 to Newmarket at half time but South stayed strong and positive. Hattie’s determination paid off in the second half as she scored, and we were back in the game. Unfortunately this fuelled Newmarket’s determination, and they scored a couple more by managing to overload our D. Overall an enjoyable game despite the scoreline.  


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May McCool
Player of the Match

Goalkeeper extraordinaire!

Louise Walker
Lemon of the Match

Played a spot of football during the match