Katie Gibson

Last match of the day. Last game of the season. Last chance for glory. Last CSHC match for Dani. Even though we secretly all hope she comes back. 

Some lessons learned, that we ask her to take with her to Germany so the next generation don’t make the same mistakes as we did :

It’s never as warm as it looks. Layers are your best friend

All applicants for midfield must have ginger , if not at least auburn, hair. Lauren we’ll see you next year, you’ll fit right in.

One must never start a text message with “the traffic is bad” as it causes mass (singular person) hysteria and confusion about meet times 

You’ll never get a goal past cassie. Some things in life just are that simple.

Dani’s reverse stick dribble fools everyone, all the time. Who needs to go strong side. 

If you finish a question with a full stop instead of a question mark , it becomes a statement of power. See previous sentiment. 

It’s not all about the taking part , it’s about the winning , and even if you don’t win at least you took part. Which is about how topsy turvy the last few games of the season can be.

If in doubt, vote Katie for lemon. 

And finally, you’ll never have a better bunch than the CSHC L2s 2021/2. Honestly girls , it’s been a pleasure to spend a season with you. Thankyou.


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Jess Foord
Player of the Match

Awesome goals and putting on the pressure 

Katie Gibson
Lemon of the Match

Not realising we had a late pushback