L5 5-2 St Ives Ladies 3

Holly Diggins

The day started in positive spirits with Rosie strolling straight into the mens changing rooms (LOM award number 1). The 5s were anxious to burn off some of the mince pies eaten over the Xmas break and we set out with an army of 15 players. Should have been 16 but Camille decided to give this week a miss.

Play started and the 5s definitely took 10 minutes to warm up and settle into the game. The first half was close fought with some great end to end play. Our defence was solid with some fantastic tackles from Rosie, Daisy and Vicky stopping St Ives getting to the goal. Half way through the first half the 5s caught St Ives on the break and a lovely run by Kea down the wing set up Sarah perfectly for our first goal of 2022! The first half finished 1-0.

The lack of half time sweets (we ate them in the pub after) didn’t stop us in the second half. Well maybe Vicky who decided we should start the second half one person down, “Vicky shouldn’t you be on the pitch” (LOM award number 2). The 5s dominated possession in the second half and finally won some short corners. One of our textbook short corners between Fi and Polly meant we went 2-0 up! St Ives had a lot of speed and managed to get a goal back. Shortly after we managed to win a P-flick as St Ives decided to block the ball on the line with their feet. Kea stepped forward to take it and scored immaculately, it did have to be retaken but she scored the second one too!

The goals didn’t stop there and Charlotte did an amazing strike from the top-D into the bottom left corner to make it 4-1. St Ives managed to get one back at this point but shortly after we won ANOTHER P-flick for near enough the same reason as the first. This time Charlotte stepped up to take it and made P-flicks look easy.

Overall it was a really good game for the 5s and positive to come away with a win against a team in the league above us! Special mention to Cassie for making some incredible saves in goal and to Charlotte for amazing play and two great goals, earning them both joint POM. There were also POM nominations for Emma, Kea, Daisy, Sammy, Eloise, Louisa and Rosie showing how well everyone played today!


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Charlotte Moyns
Player of the Match

Excellent composure on the flick and a perfect deflection into goal

Cassie Woodfin
Player of the Match

For cracking saves!

Rosie Brown
Lemon of the Match

Spending an unusual amount of time on all fours (on the pitch) and opting for the men’s changing rooms pre-game!

Vicki Georgiadis
Lemon of the Match

For forgetting to come back into the pitch after half time!