M6 0-1 Bourne Deeping Mens 4

Shahzad Ali

On a sunny day, freezing cold,
A hockey match, a tale to be told.
Teams in kits, almost twins,
A 1-0 loss, but the fun begins.

Dan played well, a star on the ice,
But in his absence, oh, the price!
A split second, a lapse in grace,
Conceded a goal, a bitter taste.

Richard at the back, passing with flair,
Sandy a menace, a defensive bear.
Paul tried to Ariel, a lofty quest,
Ball off the sideline, not the best.

Wilco arrived late, caused a little strife,
Shahzad relieved, a fresh burst of life.
Subbing routine, oh, so divine,
Greaves commands front; a five, a sign.

Formation effective, like a well-played song,
Invaluable goalie, Jo Dant, strong.
Umpires Sean and Steve, fair and true,
Navigating the chaos, as umpires do.

Laughter echoed on the icy ground,
A comedy of errors, goals not found.
Despite the loss, spirits held high,
In hockey tales, humor will never die


John Greaves 5 months, 3 weeks ago

This man is a poet ...does he know it ?

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Dan Talmage
Player of the Match

Being generally great

John Greaves
Lemon of the Match

Scoring fewer goals than last week