On the Twelfth Day of Christmas My True Love Sent to Me a Twelve Goal Thriller

Jason 'JJ' James

Many first times for me and plenty of positives:

  • First time playing Royston Hockey Club.
  • First time playing at St Catz.
  • First game back after the Xmas period.
  • First time feeling positive after losing a game (believe it).


Despite going up against a mixed bag of Royston boys our 4s played some pretty good hockey. Executing a couple of tidy, well weighted triangular passes and some solid link-ups between defence, midfield and the forwards resulted in South taking the lead. This was followed by a bunch of tits for tats, with Royston showing their maturity and grit by coming back at us, the first half ending four-three to the home team.

South’s M1/2s keeper came over at half time, offering his words of encouragement, which echoed the skipper and VC’s sentiments regarding the first half’s proceedings.

The second half ensued, with much of the first half being replicated with a slight difference, Royston seemingly having found their rhythm and South losing theirs a little.

Despite the final result, a seven-five win for Royston which we congratulate them on, the lads didn’t feel so hard done by. It was still a pretty solid performance from everyone concerned and better yet the game was played in a very positive spirit, so big ups to the Royston boys. We look forward to battling it out with you once again in the future; great game, guys.

@Jan please note: can we arrange another rematch? This was a really good match.

Special mentions:

  • Jo Dant for making it out to the game and supporting from the side line. Get well soon you softy.
  • Extra special mention to Sean Gardiner for going in goal. We all appreciate it.
  • Jamie Coltman on his two superb goals. #HatrickAvoidance Now running hot in second place for top goal scorer in the squad.
  • Stu Creed on his first goal for the M4s. #YehBaby!
  • Oli Weston on a well-executed goal and taking the lead as top goal scorer for the team.
  • VC Barton adding yet another notch in his goal belt.
  • Jay Jay for securing MoM cause he is just that good. #givesomeoneelseachance
  • Jay Jay for securing the team Lemon vote cause he is…uhmmm, well, Jay Jay. #nofilter


Rob Barton 2 weeks, 4 days ago

"@Jan please note, can we arrange another rematch, this was a really good match."
+1 from me.

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Jason 'JJ' James
Man of the Match

Insane horizontal injections to allow teammates to score goals

Jason 'JJ' James
Lemon of the Match

Insane vertical projection to send teammates rushing for cover