Robyn Murray

There once was a team from King’s Lynn,
Who couldn’t get a single goal in.
Cambs Ladies found the net,
Four goals did they get,
To secure promotion in a February win.

George warmed up so hard her nose bled.
The opposition was already in her head.
Alice Wright took a strike,
Katie got on her bike.
To the backboard did the ball fled.

Short corner, short corner, they kept coming.
The crowd on the sideline kept drumming.
Robs slapped, bottom left,
Pelicans were bereft.
A Div 1 team we are becoming.

The sun saw the return of PoM Carly,
Recovered from NYE antics that got gnarly.
Haz & Laura saw green,
Oh umps, why so mean?
Haz assures us she was five metres fair-ly.

Purple to Purple, we played our own game,
Now tallying sixty-seven goals to our name.
With five games to go,
Come and watch the show,
As South Ladies continue to burn the flame!


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Carly Brown
Man of the Match

Welcome back after the long break. Great balls forward.

Georgie Hurford
Lemon of the Match

Poor girl. Gets a bang to the face and gets a nose bleed, manages to get Lemon.

Robyn McLean
Lemon of the Match

Being mean to the umpires.