The bone breaker

Ed Doust

South's opponents coming into this game were unbeaten so far in the league but a win was still on the drawing plans for the M1s. With captain Harry too eager to get on the pitch he struggled to open the gate, showing off his nerves in the process. A sense of a dad’s vs ;lads’ game was happening with Oak South aged well but takes time to bring the quality out vs Pine UEA, quick to grow and move but made up of less quality of material.

Start of the game it was the oak tree coming out fast out the ground over powering the pine and taking control. A first short corner was won for South but the oaks were reminded by the umpire to not huddle beforehand. A close call for a drag flick for Ed but was swiftly chiselled off the line from the goalie. The attacking play was quickly over turned by a drilling counter attack from UEA sawing down the line, nailing a cross into the D for it to be glued onto an attackers stick into the goal. Not to be overpowered as previous games South came in winning another short corner but were given a hammer blow as were told their "huddle wasn't distant enough". This didn't drop Souths leaves on the ground, trying to hack their way back. Yet another short won and this time the tree was axed into with a cross pass from Ed into Mark planing his way through the defence and counter sinking the ball into the goal making 1-1 before the tea break.

After a cuppa the second half began with South drilling away at the defence UEA defence with James at the back labouring up some aerials for the attack. A strong defensive game kept the looming UEA attackers away from the goal, keeping it tight through the middle. A strong swing by Ed took out on the attacker’s knees with the ball. With some elegant carving passes around the back and up through midfield and the attack the ball ended up with Brownly running into the D, still not passing to an open Harry L to his left, he won a penalty flick. Brownly stood up to plate and screwed the ball into the bottom corner making it 2-1. Holding the fortress south managed to keep the victory but also making it over a year since a loss at Long Road and hopefully keeping it the end of the season.

Lemon voted goes to Ed for yet again failed aerial and making a guy need knee surgery.

Man of the match goes to Will for his solid performance as a debut defender for the 1s


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Will Townley
Player of the Match

Abrasive shift at wing back

Ed Doust
Lemon of the Match

Aerials on the floor, hits in the air