Spot on in Watton

Laura Ludlow

Wat a strong start we've had to the season

Wat a treat to head to Norfolk for a second week in a row

Wat could we expect from today's match?

Wat about playing with the passion we showed last week?

Wat a great finish from joint MOM Saz to take us 1-0 up

Wat lovely triangles all over the pitch

Wat would Dave say about that fabulous one-two for Katie's goal, making it 2-0?

Wat a sublime pass through the middle from Alice for Haz to coolly slot in for 3-0

Wat a shame Kim's game ended early with a stick to the face when she was controlling the centre as promised (we hope she's on the mend)

Wat a great goalline save by Jess (with her feet..oops)

Wat an amazing save (one of many) by other joint MOM Loopy of the resultant flick - use any part of your anatomy to keep the ball out!

Wat a different story after half time

Wat a lot of stick tackles

Wat a time for Watton to get a series of short corners and knock in 2 goals

Wat a nail-biting last few minutes

Wat a feisty match

Watton 2 - 3 Cambridge South

Wat a result!


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Sarah Haddow
Player of the Match

First goal of the season! Good movement! Set the tone for the rest of the game

Lou Tonkin
Player of the Match

Saved a flick. Saved shots of goal. Kept Watton at bay.

Laura Ludlow
Lemon of the Match

Wat wat wat foot?!