Thank you Jan

Robyn Rutter

Jan, “I can give an Umpires eye view of what transpire there. For one, South deserved the win in my opinion – the Peterborough backline was the busier of the two rearguards. In fact, Peterborough taking the lead around 15 minutes in was quite against the run of play, a snapshot sneaking its way in.

South were not behind for long, and when the equaliser came it was a bit gobsmacking. Nothing appeared to be on when the ball was near the Peterborough goalline, out towards the edge of the circle. Nothing that is to anyone but Alice W, who envisioned a reverse stick tomahawk from that madly tight angle that surprised the Peterborough goalie on her near post. And, well, visualisation works in sport, doesn’t it?

The super strike meant South didn’t have time to get frustrated about being unfairly behind, and it was our girls who looked the most likely to get a winner. Player-of-the-Match Lucia C was a constant danger as her combination of pace and skill was causing the visiting players conniptions. However, it was Sarah H and Laura L who threatened to put South ahead, in each case had coming close when they lost their markers, sneaked behind the Peterborough defence and were picked out by through balls. It didn’t quite happen on these occasions as the ‘keeper to race out to smother Sarah’s deflection and to close down Laura forcing her shot wide, but it was indicative that South could slice Peterborough open and another overload did produce the winner, a South player (Alice or Izzy? Can’t remember) receiving back-to-goal on the penalty spot and playing it square/attempting to trap it and getting an edge (delete according to your cynicism level), the ball running sideways to a completely unmarked Laura who had an open goal to knock into.”


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Lucia Catley
Player of the Match

Speedy on the ball, great runs, mad skillz 

Alice Wright
Lemon of the Match

Lying on the floor every time she got tackled and beaten