Another great result!

Dani Arnold

With storm Arwen bringing the cold wet weather to Cambridge, the L2s were a bit apprehensive about getting soaked during the game but as luck would have it(!) we didn't get rained on once during the game.  But the leaves on the pitch did make an interesting obstacle course!

Team chat done and a quick warm-up on the pitch, the L2s were off with the pushback!  As the game settled, and teams began to work together, possession was very equal between both teams with St Neots having moments where they managed to hit the ball through and push forward on a running attack.  But fear not!  Jenny was there - solid at the back, making crucial tackles and picking the ball from the reach of the attacker - her heroic actions that helped to keep the St Neots score at zero earnt her (well deservedly) player of the match!  

Bryony had her glory moment to in goal. With a St Neots forward streaking towards the goal, after a 2-1 overload in favour of St Neots, Bryony stepped in undeterred at the top of the D ready to face on the forward.  Well as the score would say, Bryony came away with the ball and superbly cleared it away giving  South time to get on the defensive.  

Feline, Rebecca and Sam each played their role in defence, making crucial tackles, distributing across the wings and leading the attacking charge against St Neots. Hayley was doing her staple move - low unwielding, blocking tackles - which stopped St Neots in their tracks.  With some great distributions to the forwards, South were on the attack and some clever work by the forwards and midfielders led to a penalty corner being awarded.  The action from the penalty corner led to another being awarded and South huddled to evaluate.  It was then that South converted!  Rhiannon running determinedly to the post and deflected the goal in.  First goal and the game was swinging in South's favour. 

South kept St Neots under pressure with cleverly worked triangle passes down the wings between Feline and Rebecca, with Katie stepping in too and she confidently drove into the D having shaken off her defender!  With shots on goal coming from the attackers and Hayley, Rebecca and Katie hounding the D, the St Neots worked hard to keep South from getting another goal.  With half time looming, St Neots had some attacking moments but Niamh, Charlotte and Jenny halted them in their attack.  The whistle blew and the half time chat came and went, with the team huddling in the St Neots pitch shelter to keep warm and to not allow storm Arwen to dampen our mood! 

The second half started and second goal came with a pass from Tiffany on the half way line to Liandi who streaked down the right wing to the baseline into the D and made a superb pass across the face of goal to Rhiannon standing patiently waiting to make that crucial deflection.  With the St Neots goalie out the way, all that faced Rhiannon was a St Neots defender.  A strong push and the ball was streaking towards goal only to be blocked by the St Neots defender's foot but the umpire played advantage!  And with the ball hanging right in front of the goal, Dani lurking on the post swept it in to the corner. Second goal!!  Thanks Rhi ;) 

The third goal came from Jess who worked hard in the middle of a group of defenders in the D (who had all collapsed in on her) to get the ball from a reverse sweep from Dani and made a clean finish and into the goal the ball went!  Third goal!!!  With the score being 3-0 to South, St Neots upped the pressure but South stayed resolute and kept the goal score for St Neots at zero.  Whistle to note end of the game and South came away with another great win! 

With Dominoes pizza (thank you St Neots) and cheesecake (thank you Feline!) fuelling South at the post-game teas, South were in a good mood!  

Jenny stormed away with POM for her great defence and Charlotte was unanimously voted LOM for her lack of mask throwing ability (it's like she almost aimed it at the St Neots injector... I joke of course. Storm Arwen was just making it a bit tricky to throw her mask behind goal!). 

Sadly Feline's cheesecake did end up on the car park floor... storm Arwen playing mischief again! 



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Jenny Taylor
Player of the Match

Stepping in front of her player and generally doing some fab defending! 

Charlotte Wilson
Lemon of the Match

For throwing off her mask without much aim…