Don’t be a Headcase. Stop! Check for Concussion

Harry Lewis

A step by step guide to how to deal with concussion.

Know the symptoms and signs of concussion.

After a heavy collision with an opposition player Harry Chalk was flat on the ground with a bewildered look on his face as to how the big man had been out-muscled for the ball. Confused and staring into the distance, trying to find an answer as to why he hadn’t won the foul, Harry Chalk became irritated and demonstrated some unusual behaviour in retreating 5 meters.

Any player you suspect has got a concussion, immediately arrange for further assessment.

Once the guys off the pitch saw what had happened, Harry Chalk was immediately taken off the pitch. Further assessment was taken by coach Paul in supplying a comfy chair for Mr Chalk. Other assessments ranged from providing him with an ice bag to heckles from the fans for being taken out in front of the home crowd.

Give players time to recover fully, as you would with any other injury.

A rest and stress-free recovery was key for Mr Chalk. However stress triggers, which included umpiring decisions, the opposition passing it round his own players and people not breaking down play, were happening all around him. Several minutes passed and the big man deemed it was time to get back on the pitch.

All players must not go back to sport until they have been cleared to do so.

After several passionate discussions on how the team’s game plan needed to change to win, Mr Chalk deemed it appropriate to return to play to instigate his plan. To reinstate himself and to announce his reappearance on to the pitch, Harry Chalk immediately committed a professional foul. He managed to keep his footing, break down play and make the opposition player fall to the ground. His recovery and return was complete.

Recognise, Remove and if in doubt, Sit Them Out.

  • Joking aside, Harry Chalk did not get a concussion during the game; he attempted one of his signature professional fouls and ended up on the floor.
  • Concussion is a serious matter. If you see a player showing the signs and symptoms, act. Better to miss one game than the whole season.
  • Mr Chalk is very proud of his professional fouls and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.
  • On the actual match, special mention to Dean with his golden locks at the back, tackling everything in his path. And new boy Will who was the calmest person in midfield, controlling the game.
  • On the only goal we scored, a nice interception from James led to some silky play, passing it to Jim who shot it across to Harry Lewis on the post to tap it in.


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Will Townley
Man of the Match

Sound debut from a sound bloke.

Harry Chalk
Lemon of the Match

In a state of total confusion following on field head clash, forgot to bring the pens and paper to teas (again).