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Heroes and Villains in Ely

It was with a heady mix of excitement and trepidation that I arrived at Ely early on Saturday morning, recalling not only the sublime *cough* hockey, jovial banter, riotous drinking games, slippery dance floor and a certain bottle of Toffee Vodka from previous years - but also that inexplicable *cough* horrendous Sunday morning feeling...

This year ...

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Westminster College played host to this year's Annual Dinner. Another record-breaking number of players (and plus-ones) turned up to eat, drink, listen to/give speeches, accept awards, banter, boat-race and dance the night away. For a more informal version of events, do read Mr Cooper's hazy recollections.

Award Winners

Those recognised this year ...

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60 players turned up for the close of season and end of training extravaganza. All teams were high in spirits and nervous for the fleeting chance of glory to come. Congratulations to all Cath's 4am saints for lifting the invisible trophy* (and everyone else too, I suppose, for taking part). Acting as time keeper ...

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Christmas XI narrowly avoids Stuffing


Simon Cooper (Turkey)Kim Cooil (Tennis Girl)
Neil Sneade (Father Christmas)Chris Pearson (Cow)
Dave Monck (Antlers)Jack Chalk (Superman)
Nathan Monck (Reindeer hat)Diane Eichelsheim (Gretel)
Louise Gutteridge (Christmas Pudding hat)Laurie Haslop (Ballerina)
Tim Clapp (Santa hat)Alice Hug (Grumpy student)
Rob Barton (Tinsel)Alasdair Edge (Wetsuit)
Charlotte Moss (Santa hat ...

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