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Our squad of sixteen gathered together at Cambridge University's very pleasant facilities on 14 June with the morning sun on our backs and hopes of victory in our hearts. Or so it seemed. One or two players appeared more concerned with listening to the end of the England Rugby team's magnificent win over ...

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A group of seventeen players gathered, bleary eyed, way too early on the Saturday morning and travelled up to Wisbech to form our team, the Southerners.

After pitching tents and making sure there were beers on chill (priorities, priorities), South began our first game against one of the host teams, the Pirates. Playing on an ...

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An early start saw a band of ten players make the trip to Felixstowe hoping to go one better than last year, when we lost in the final. The squad was augmented by two players from Cranes of Ipswich giving us very little ability to make substitutions.

This year the tournament had been expanded to ...

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