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Keep Your Valuables Safe, These Girls are on the Prowl for Goals

True to the well-oiled machine that we are, this blogpost is a montage of memories contributed by many of the L2 crew who trekked to Norwich for their pre-season tournament this Sunday. Thanks for organising it, Norwich! It was worth it, eh?

First a camp must be established. Cue grand assembly of chairs, blankets, food ...

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Norwich City Pre-season 7s

Unlike matches, tournaments do not usually have a Lemon. However, there are some occasions that demand that an exception be made. The M3s’ trip to Norwich City’s Pre-Season 7-a-side Tournament was such an occasion.

The award was sealed (very) early doors by, of course, Will Jones. Having gamely and slightly surprisingly signed up for a ...

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Club Night IX

Following on from last season’s success, this club night saw the biggest number of players so far! Thanks to everyone who participated and a special mention to the goalkeepers for defending their goals and playing more matches than anyone else! After a final showdown between Robyn’s McLean Up Crew and Bhav’s ...

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Members from the M3s/M4s/M5s gathered under stunning bright blue skies.

Chairman John Greaves split the players into purples and yellows by first ordering everyone to stand in a firing line formation. Unfortunately, our collective hockey starved brains didn't remember what a line looked like without a fare bit of prodding, but once ...

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