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Christmas XI narrowly avoids Stuffing


Simon Cooper (Turkey)Kim Cooil (Tennis Girl)
Neil Sneade (Father Christmas)Chris Pearson (Cow)
Dave Monck (Antlers)Jack Chalk (Superman)
Nathan Monck (Reindeer hat)Diane Eichelsheim (Gretel)
Louise Gutteridge (Christmas Pudding hat)Laurie Haslop (Ballerina)
Tim Clapp (Santa hat)Alice Hug (Grumpy student)
Rob Barton (Tinsel)Alasdair Edge (Wetsuit)
Charlotte Moss (Santa hat ...

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A beautiful evening in the riverside setting of Cambridge's Doubletree Hilton Hotel. Once again, much food was eaten, many drinks were consumed, eloquent speeches were given, numerous awards were presented and the evening all ended in a bit of a blur at The Fez Club...

Award Winners

Those recognised this year for their contribution ...