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  • Annual Dinners 16 entries

    Each year we have a big posh dinner to celebrate the achievements (well...ok, all the ridiculous and amusing things that happened) during the past season. Dinner jackets are donned, awards are presented, wine is drunk, drinks are pennied, dancing moves are attempted - and unfortunately much of this is captured on camera...

  • Club Announcements 6 entries

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Listen up - we've got some news for you!

  • Club Events 14 entries

    Every now and again we put on club events. Just because we can. Just because life is too short. Oh - and because they're AWESOME!

  • History 1 entry

    Articles about the history and heritage of Cambridge South and its members.

  • Juniors 9 entries
  • Messages from the Chairman 16 entries

    Everyone loves a message from the chairman, right...? Here you can find the periodic ramblings from our Club Chairman, John Greaves.

  • Social 10 entries

    Cambridge South has never just been about the hockey. We love a bit of socialising. And this is the place to keep up-to-date with the nights out, the club events and the general tomfoolery at Cambridge South Hockey Club!

  • Tournaments 33 entries

    Sometimes we play in tournaments. Sometimes they're serious. Sometimes they're really not. But they usually result in some good stories. Which we try and record here!