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Last week, before disappearing on a work trip (no doubt another shot-downing, dwarf-tossing sales team conf in California), Love Island Rejects’ captain Joe confided that he was worried about another “Boris Lossy situation” developing while he was away. Some may remember Joe’s season as captain of the M4s, when he left his hitherto-unbeaten side ...

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With the Top Gun trophy on the line, it’s 3 rounds down, 2 to go and tensions are high…

The Cup continues to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, with only a hair’s breadth between triumph and disaster. A first defeat for TFI Thursday this week against Banana Hammocks sees Colin ...

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Another storming set of matches last night! After 2 rounds only 1 of the 12 teams has a 100% record, and just 3 remain unbeaten (that 2 of those teams are captained by the competition organisers is entirely coincidental…)

At the far end things kicked off with Banana Hammocks making up for last week’s ...

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Well, an exciting first week for Summer 7s that figuratively and literally smacked you in the balls!

In the Cup, Amalia’s Miracle Whip flew out the blocks with an 8-goal blitz to set the early pace while DJ Hazzardous and his P-Flicks & Chill team snapped the Banana Hammocks’ elastic to join them on ...

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