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Club Day X: Pre-drinks at A&E

This year we ran Club Night differently. For one thing, it was during the day. The weather cooperated and instead of the forecast grey skies, there was blazing sunshine. The result of this was many sweaty games and a number of pink faces at the annual dinner.

Thanks to everyone for signing up to make ...

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Club Night IX

Following on from last season’s success, this club night saw the biggest number of players so far! Thanks to everyone who participated and a special mention to the goalkeepers for defending their goals and playing more matches than anyone else! After a final showdown between Robyn’s McLean Up Crew and Bhav’s ...

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Club Night VIII

A new format saw club night run across two evenings, with the cup final on the second night. After a gripping game between the Red and Yellow teams (captained by the Edges), the winners of the tournament were the Yellow team (I am the Law-ra).

A big thank you to the helpers on the evenings ...