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Known Scorers:
Will Benedikz (was his wife though so doesn't really count)
Chris Massey (well that's what we assume, after he poked his head round the pub door with a young dorris on his arm saying "I'll be back in half an hour" never to be seen again.)

Man of the match: Keith Simpson. (Spent the whole night on cider. What a legend.)

After narrow defeats for the M2s and M3s on the field, there was a clear need for a couple of medicinal pints to speed recovery. Fortunately the 1st team's crushing 3-0 win over Spalding (taking the first points of the season from that team) meant that spirits were running high enough for all.

Proceedings got off to a faltering start as it was discovered that the Salisbury Arms wasn't actually opening until 6pm that day but fortunately only one early arrival, the eager Mr J Bridge, was left beating his fists at the door for five minutes, as even earlier arrivals Messers Thorpe and Lockhart had since retired to the nearby Six Bells for emergency rehydration.

Once the doors finally opened the release of tension was audible and let's just say that no more time was wasted. Gradually numbers built and ambient noise grew as the day's exploits were retold with ever decreasing factual content. Head count got as high as about twenty at one point, making the evening the most successful hockey social since the annual dinner.

Shots came thicker and faster, passes got slicker and tackles got harder (as is the way with so many good nights out after hockey matches) and backs were generally given a good and proper slapping.

Once the team was assembled and well oiled, some of them were swiftlyintroduced to the Ring Game. Rick "Frodo" Erlebach demonstrated a particular aptitude for hooking his ring. Apparently "you can swing both ways". (For those who have bothered to read this far and are wondering exactly what this all entails it would be far simpler if you went along to the Salisbury Arms one quiet evening and whispered casually to the barman "I've heard you do the Ring Game…")

No good hockey social would be complete without the traditional feed, so next it was on to the Curry Queen. A table for sixteen worked nicely and so did a similar number of Lal Toofan's and about four dozen poppadoms. Sanjay Mathos, with all the authority of authentic Indian heritage, explained at length how it was far better to eat Byrianis and Chipatis so of course it was jalfrezis, tikka massalas, korma's, pilau rice and naan bread all round.

That's where your narrator starts to lose the plot slightly. The official hockey social disbanded but there was definitely a rum and coke, three cans of lager, a helping of vodka jelly and a bona fide lunar eclipse involved at one point or another.

Thanks to all who were able to come. You made it a memorable night from what I can remember…