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After the tremendous success of our first visit to Clare College in 2011, we returned this year to again enjoy dinner in the magnificent Great Hall and afterwards a private party in the subterranean cellar bar. Plaudits to Cath and Neil for organising another great do.

Award Winners

Those recognised this year for their contribution and achievements over the season were:

Club Man of the Year George Wych
Club Woman of the Year Lyn Wood
Men's 1sts Player of the Season Eliot Read
Men's 1sts Most Improved Player Jon Hawkes
Men's 2nds Player of the Season Paresh Parsot
Men's 2nds Most Assertive Player Tom Howell
Men's 3rds Player of the Season Tom South
Men's 3rds Outstanding Contribution John Greaves
Men's 4ths Player of the Season Simon Frampton
Men's 4ths Team Player Award Shahzad Ali
Ladies' 1sts Player of the Season Lou Cantwell
Ladies' 1sts Best Newcomer Kylie Beasley
Ladies' 2nds Player of the Season Leonie O'Donnell
Ladies' 2nds Best Newcomer Ali Graham
Umpires Award Shahbaz Ali

Leading Goalscorers - Men

  • 1st Graham McCulloch
    17 goals 0.6 GPG
  • 2nd John Greaves
    15 goals 0.9 GPG
  • 3rd Jack Chalk
    15 goals 0.5 GPG

Leading Goalscorers - Women

  • 1st Leonie O'Donnell
    11 goals 0.5 GPG
  • 2nd Kylie Beasley
    7 goals 0.5 GPG
  • 3rd Rebecca Baker
    6 goals 0.6 GPG

Special Awards

  • The Accidental Tourist Award (for those whose second home is Lincolnshire) - Alice Hug and Russell Johnson
  • The Reluctant Traveller Award (for those who never venture north of the A14) - Cath Anthony and Alasdair Edge
  • The Playa of the Season Award (for undeterred persistence in pursuit of the opposite sex) - Nick Venner
  • The Strictly Ballroom Brucie Bonus Award (for demonstrating the full range of spins, twirls and pirouettes on the field) - Jack Chalk
  • The Flying Lemon Award (for heaven-inspired goalkeeping) - Louise Tonkin
  • The One Man Team Award (for excellence in every position) - Serin Dabb
  • The Manpower Award (for services to Club recruitment) - Cath Anthony
  • The Mick Beasley Perpetual Shield for Extracurricular Activities - Finn Johnson
    For his heroic commitment to club socialising, including promoting responsible drinking to junior members; as a barman, his legendary “5 pound coins change from a fiver” drinks deal for clubmates; for repeatedly shouting “DIY SOS!” in Nick Knowles’s face on a club night out at The Castle; and for crippling his own team mate, Nick Bristowe, 5 minutes into Nick’s first game back from injury putting him out for the rest of the season with a damaged ankle.