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Club Night VIII

A new format saw club night run across two evenings, with the cup final on the second night. After a gripping game between the Red and Yellow teams (captained by the Edges), the winners of the tournament were the Yellow team (I am the Law-ra).

A big thank you to the helpers on the evenings, Matt Puddefoot, Owen Russell and Laurie McKenzie (who was there for both nights), for keeping time and the scores. Another big thank you to our two keepers on the second evening, providing an exciting penalty flick contest.

The events of the evening, as seen by the captains…

Ev’rything’s Coming Up Dusty – Captain Harry Chalk (Contenders for the CSHC Fair Play Award 2017)

Ev’rything’s Coming Up Dusty took to the pitch, determined that everyone playing would enjoy the club tournament. When we say 'everyone', we mean everyone, and duly awarded victory to the majority of our opponents to make sure they were having a good time. The main highlight was, however, beating eventual finalists, team Judge Dr.eddge, with some really excellent team hockey. We were congratulated for our selfless attitude with the Wooden Spoon and continue to hope we are strong contenders for the CSHC Fair Play Award 2017. (Ed: Bonus mention for the esteemed captain managing an illegal aerial play due to his politely asking, ‘Can I do an aerial please?’)

The Spartans – Captain Janette Murphy

Here it is! The email with the team lists for club night (or nights, as the case maybe this year). Oh, the excitement: whose team will I be on this time? Wait, hang on a sec, what’s this… Black team, Spartans, captain…ME! What, no! This can’t be right. WHY? Just WHY……… Oh well, time to get on and suck it up, and kudos to my team mates, we did very well indeed (first night at least). So much so that Jack, stunned by our skill, had to throw himself at our feet during the game! Of course, must give a shout out to Dave for his spectacular javelin style of defending, highlight of the evening for us Spartans.

We will quickly gloss over the second evening; it was hot, some of us were tired (some of us attended Pay and Play on Wednesday - not a good idea!) and only one sub, and that was only for one game. I’m not bitter, it’s all gooooood :) All in all, a fab time was had over both nights.

I Cancelled My Haircut for This – Captain Shin Kim

What a difference two days can make! On day one, we had a torrid three games, losing each and every one of them. Despite scoring our fair share of goals, we ended with a goal difference of -10 and bottom of the table. However, with a couple of new arrivals and a dubious team substitution following an injury to the third lady in our team, we mustered two wins against our fellow bottom-of-the-table dwellers in our final round-robin games, which brought us up to an almighty fourth. The fun didn't end there, as we entered in to the 3rd vs 4th playoff match for the hypothetical bronze medal. Ending one-one after a game played in good spirit, we took to flicks and came out victors.

TL;DR - After Day 1, we were last, but after Day 2, we came third overall. Hockey is a game of two halves, after all.

Having a Ball – Captain Ellie Edwards (winners of the People’s Choice Award)

So the Blues had a great day. With a mix of old and new members, it took us a few matches to get into our stride but when we did we were on fire! With our final match against the Pinks, we came out victorious, not only for that match but the whole of Club Night as champs (#alternativefacts)! Well deserved, Blue team!

I am the Law-ra – Captain Laura Edge (Champions)

The yellow team had the amazing luck to split neatly into a group of seven committed souls, keen to remain on the pitch and fully embrace the last of the season’s hockey competition. The remaining team members found Club Night the perfect opportunity to ensure that the social commitments of Club Night were fulfilled.

With halftime sweets on both evenings, the strategy came together perfectly, especially when George got into his stride and started to try and chat with opposition players on the pitch. The second evening started with flies swarming around the yellow bibs, reminding us all that summer had definitely arrived. Despite the hindrance the team played on.

Judge Dr.eddge – Captain Ali Edge

The red team’s route to the club day final was an exciting roller-coaster ride, with Tuesday’s good work (two wins and a draw, with the highlight a four-three comeback win over the blue team) nearly undone by a shaky Thursday group stage effort. We sneaked into the final on goal difference, where the husband-wife grudge match with Laura’s team ended in a narrow 1-0 loss.

The whole team contributed throughout, with the forward line of Emma-Rose, Kendra, Lou C and Loopy constantly threatening, Ollie, Ed and Jelley covering masses of ground in midfield, and Ali and Chantel manning the defensive barricades with commitment.