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Club Day X: Pre-drinks at A&E

This year we ran Club Nightdifferently. For one thing, it was during the day. The weather cooperated andinstead of forecast grey skies, there was blazing sunshine. The result ofthis was many sweaty games and a number of pink faces at the annual dinner.

Thanks to everyone for signing up tomake this possible. We had over 70 people participating, including 5 goaliesand our very own Jack Chalk to keep the score and generally make things run ontime. Thanks to everyone who tried their hand at umpiring.

Congratulations to the Pink team forwinning the coveted golden ball!

And now, a word from our captains….

White Team – Edam Good Time, Captain COOPS

Wow, it was hot, hot, hot. But, as I always say, if you can'tstand the heat, get out of Simon Kitchen. Things started swimmingly, withEimear banging in a couple of early goals and Jimmy Whizz practising hispenalty shuffles. In our solitary win, Wizard was much to the fore, as was theperceptive defensive play of Laurie and Laura. Matt K's early departure saw us finish a little short ofnumbers and, by extension, energy. Looking back, perhaps we should have putless effort into our Flying V starts and flamboyant goal celebrations and savedsome energy for the last game, which saw us being flattened by Rosselli'srampant mob. The undoubted highlight of our day came midway through the midwaygame against the Red Team. Dave Monck was casually ambling through midfield,looking for all the world like a modern day vegetarian dinosaur that thoughtits predators long-since extinct, before he was casually flattened by ahurtling Hannah Kenyon. It was brutal.

Yellow Team – The Emmentalists, Captain Andi Caddy

The Emmentalists consisting of AliEdge, Alex Pashley, Alice Wright, Catriona West, Liz Dunsby, Jason James, MeganMylrea and captained by Andi C were in high spirits leading into the day'sfixtures. Captain Caddy had gone as far as laminating Hannah Kenyon’s match daypack in an effort to look ‘Pro’ only to surrender them to the strangely under-prepared Jack Chalk who appeared to be assisting in running the event. After ashort huddle and team talk consisting of such inspirational words as ‘just playwhere you want’ and ‘sub when you’re tired’ the Emmentalists launched into ClubDay X with enthusiasm and vigour, as befits any Cambridge South Team!

There were some periods of greatpassing hockey displayed by the Emmentalists with great distribution from JJwho was ably supported by the resolute Megan. There was a fear that the heatwould cause the team’s game to slow down to that of fondue-like consistency butthis was not to happen! Our triple-A heroes (Alex, Ali & Alice) threatenedopposition teams constantly with their instinctive stick skills and intelligentrunning patterns, resulting in goals of such quality that would make PepGuardiola jealous. This of course could not have been achieved without theselfless support given by Liz Dunsby who was unfortunate not to score andCatriona West who played everyminute of every game.

Unfortunately the powers that beconspired against us, leading to a final result for the Emmentalists of secondfrom bottom. Not quite wooden spoon but everyone had a great time nonetheless!Thanks to everyone for making Club Day X a great event!

MOMs – All the Goalkeepers forgetting toasted for a good 2 hours

LOM – Captain Caddy for viciouslyshoulder barging a teenage girl in the D (sorry Zara!) and conceding thesubsequent penalty shuffle from which she duly scored.

Red Team – Grate Expectations,Captain Katherine Gibson

What we lacked in goals we made up for in spirit. Each gamewas fought with vigour and determination. The blazing heat was no match for thereds after three games straight at the start. I feel we did well to come third(from last). Sadly, I have absolutely no clue what the scores were for any ofour matches, except that we beat the yellows and drew a few times. But true champions don't count goals, and there was some great play across the teamwith flowing passes and skillz so silky I'll spell it with a 'z' .  Eachgame was close, with the red team narrowly missing victory. Overall a solideffort by everyone and hopefully everyone had fun! 

Purple Team – Curds of Prey,Captain Owen Harrison

A quirky purpleteam started with a win against the reds before battling hard in twowell-fought draws against whites and blues. Then purples faced a stubborn greenteam who were kept alive multiple times by South's very own David De Gea (AKAJason Mann). A late winner for purples kept the title hopes alive! Next ayellow team who started brightly by taking the lead; purples were down but notout and a comeback was on the cards. Two well-worked goals proved to be enoughto take the points.

Onegame was left, and purples knew victory could put them in title contention.After falling four goals behind, the purples needed to better the Liverpool of2005 to enter eternal glory. With tired legs and sun-burnt faces, purples couldnot muster a win and finished a respectable mid-table.

Special mention toHannah and Ollie for making Club Day possible!

Green Team - Looking Gouda,Captain Lauren Brown

So when Club Lady Kenyon asked me to write ashort paragraph on Looking Gouda’s Club Day, it seemed a simple task.Unfortunately a combination of a slightly ropey memory and the passing ofseveral days, including Annual Dinner, means recollections of Saturday are alittle hazy. So here’s my take on what I think might have happened. All factsunverified.

While team balance was a regular topic ofdiscussion for the day, for the green team this was focused around our 1 GK, 1defender, 3 mid-fielders, 4 attackers make-up. Who needs defenders anyway?!Unfortunately this didn’t work out, losing to the Blue team in our first game(it feels like I should use the cheese-related team names, but if the prize-giving tells us anything it’s that no one pays attention to this and as aresult no-one knows what’s going on!). Victories against the Pink (crackinggoal by Alice!), White and Yellow teams followed (and a couple more defeats)resulting in us definitely finishing 3rd (or maybe 4th?).

Special mention to Zara for scoring the winninggoal with a shuffle against the yellow team, George for being the only member ofthe team to be sent off for tardy stick collection and apologies to anyonewhose short corner routines were distracted by our team mascot entering thepitch!

Blue Team - The Milky Whey,Captain Amalia Thomas

It waswarm, it was sunny, and there was hockey. The Milky Whey’s game was mostlyfriendly, but our defence took their job very seriously, and both Tom Rosselliand Jan Brynjolffssen got green cards for dangerous play in the D. Whetherbecause that intimidated the opposition enough, or because of their amazingskills, thanks to our strong defence made up of Tom, Jan and Nicky Simler weonly conceded goals in short corners.

On theother end of the pitch, Annie Quantrill, James Matthews, Rebecca Frith andAmalia Thomas ran tirelessly despite the heat to get the ball to the forwardsAndy Thomas and Sven Lake. With only two games left, Shin Kim arrived only tobe shared with Grate Expectations (the red team) in the spirit of Club Day(Hannah said so). But both with and without him our front line was just assuccessful as the defence and managed to equal every goal conceded, and by theend of the day we counted four draws and two wins, gaining us second placeoverall.

We cameclose to winning the coveted golden ball and assorted chocolates but nevermind... it had been a day of perfect weather and friendly hockey, and we wereall looking forward to the annual dinner in the evening; all in all a greatClub Day!

Pink Team – R &Brie, Captain MC Hazzardous

All we do is Win Win Win no matterwhat (apart from drawing one and losing one). The R & Bries got off to asolid start, keeping a clean sheet in their first 2 games. Sadly the heat ofthe sun got to the best of us in our first back-to-back game where we narrowlylost our only game of the day. The team was feeling the heat but managed toscrape together a win before a double game break to put ourselves back incontention for the title.

We knew motivation was low and all wewanted was an ice cream but staying true to our team name we got the mix tapeout and pumped ourselves up through the power of music (mainly Seal, Kiss froma Rose). Mandatory huddle and sticks-in at the start of each match helped rallythe team to a 5-0 victory over 'Edam Good Time' followed by a 4-0 victory over‘Curds of Prey’.

Thanks to the final two victories R& Brie were crowned winners of the tournament! A big shout-out to the teamfor working hard through the heat and making it a great day for all. 

And finally, congratulations to our annual Club Daypoetry award winner.

My team was in pink
I'm not scared of the sunshine
Now my face is pink

-Tom Rosselli, Class M1