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Annual Dinner 2018 - The Cambridge South Way...

A thunderous roar permeating through the hall, penetrating into every corner and crevice. We gazed up towards the source… atop the balcony stood Chairman Greaves…

…of course, the tickets had sold out long since, after our Super Social Secretaries Matt Kern and Elaine Paterson had worked hard to squeeze as many people as comfortably possible into the scenic Hughes Hall.

Yet still, the demand was "More!" - a first for Cambridge South.

The duck breast / mushroom wellington dinner itself was excellent as expected, as we wined and dined on our journey onto the highlight of the night: the awards ceremony.

"The Cambridge South Way…" John continued, as he walked down the stairs, gleefully reciting many of our glorious successes during the season…

…not least of which included our Ladies 3s and Mens 4s teams finishing top of their respective tables to become decorated champions and securing promotions.

Award Winners

Club Man of the Season Jan Brynjolffssen
Club Woman of the Season Hannah Kenyon
Club Team of the Season Ladies' 3rds
Umpire of the Season Jason James
Ladies' 1sts Player of the Season Robyn McLean
Ladies' 1sts Captain's Player Hannah Kenyon
Men's 1sts Player of the Season Chris Pearson
Men's 1sts Captain's Player Harry Chalk
Ladies' 2nds Player of the Season Katie Gibson
Ladies' 2nds Best Newcomer Harriet Shipley
Men's 2nds Player of the Season Douglas Gibson
Men's 2nds Vice Captain of the Year Harry Chalk
Ladies' 3rds Player of the Season Jess Langford
Ladies' 3rds Captain's Player Meg Mylrea
Men's 3rds Player of the Season Ash Dookun
Men's 3rds Top Goal Scorer Dom Nelson
Ladies' 4ths Player of the Season Emily Stevenson
Ladies' 4ths Most Improved Player Tabitha Broome
Men's 4ths Player of the Season Oli Anderson
Men's 4ths Sprightly Old Codger Ian Marshman
Men's 5ths Player of the Season Sebastian Dias
Men's 5ths Best Newcomers Oliver Weston/Ben Thompson

Leading Goalscorers - Men

  • 1st Rob Barton
    26 goals 1.1 GPG
  • 2nd Harry Lewis
    17 goals 0.9 GPG
  • 3rd Simon Ta
    15 goals 1.0 GPG

Leading Goalscorers - Women

  • 1st Lucy "Tuffers" Davidson
    48 goals 2.4 GPG
  • 2nd Izzy MacDonald-Parry
    30 goals 1.2 GPG
  • 3rd Dani Arnold
    23 goals 2.1 GPG

Special Awards

  • The Accidental Tourist Award - Oliver Lamming (1368 miles in 38 matches)
  • The Mick Beasley Perpetual Shield for Extracurricular Activities - Andy Thomas