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This week we launched the latest version of Cambridge South Hockey Club's website.

If this isn't your first time on the site you'll definitely have noticed that it looks quite different. Believe it or not, the previous iteration of the site was released almost 6 years ago - in September 2013!

What's New?

Under the hood: For anyone interested... two major changes are at the root of most of the improvements in the site:

  1. React - A number of pages now make use of the React framework to provide a user interface that is faster and more interactive
  2. GraphQL - Using GraphQL enables the new React-based pages to query (and modify) exactly the data it needs without having to maintain a whole REST API.

Latest Results, Next Fixtures

Screenshot of latest results and next fixtures

By far the most viewed part of the site is the top of the home page that displays a list of the latest results and the next fixtures for each team. We want this to be super easy to digest and quickly find the details you need. With this in mind, we've introduced the following improvements:

  • Any match that you played in will be highlighted (assuming you're logged in!).
  • Results are listed by date (most recent first) and then by team. During the season typically nearly all teams play on the same day so most matches will appear in the same 'date section'.
  • The fixture type icons are colour-coded: green for Men, blue for Ladies.
  • Results are colour-coded (red for a loss, green for a win, grey for a draw). Will we see a 'green flush' this season...?!
  • Previously each text item in a row linked to its corresponding page (e.g. team, venue, opposition etc). In some cases this saves a click here and there but on balance it was decided that its more important to make it really easy to click through to the match details page - especially on a mobile device. So the whole result/fixture row now links to the corresponding match details page.

Better Member Profiles

Member pages have been given a face-lift:

  1. The profile is split into two sections:
    1. Playing Record - a complete breakdown of the matches this person has played in, filterable by fixture type.
    2. Club Involvement - a record of the committee positions, awards, recent match reports and recent matches relating to this person.
  2. Playing record stats are displayed graphically in charts as well as tabular format.
  3. For your convenience, many of the table values link directly to the Matches Search page so you can quickly view the specific matches the stat relates to.

Powerful 'list' pages

You'll find it much easier now to find exactly the information you're looking for now that the pages that list matches, members, venues, opposition clubs and end of season awards can all be filtered and sorted by various columns.

Examples of what you can view/find:

  • Who has scored the most goals for the club? Made the most appearances?
  • Which club has Cambridge South played against the most?
  • List club members who are...
    • Current players
    • Captains/Vice-Captains
    • Umpires
    • Coaches
    • Defenders (or forwards or any combination of preferred position!)
  • View all venues on a map
  • List venues for a particular team or division
  • View all matches where a particular member played, or scored, or wrote the match report, or won MOM...
  • ...and lots more!

Easier Comments

Commenting on matches is now much easier - just make sure you're logged in and comment away!

Entering match details is a piece of cake

This one should delight all the captains. There is now a brand new page for updating match details. Its mobile-friendly and optimized to make your job as simple as possible.

Social Auth

You can now link your Facebook, Twitter, Google and even LinkedIn accounts to your account and use these credentials to login.

Note: we only use your email address and name from your social account data.

...and lots more!

  • Filter 'The Naughty Step' by season or check which cards were awarded in league matches
  • Filter the Goal King table by team or gender (as well as by season)
  • An all-new End of Season Award Winners page
  • Documents and Member Offers are now managed in the database for easier updates/changes
  • Crop your profile picture and update all your personal details from your account profile page

So what are you waiting for? Go take it for a test-drive!