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The One Where Caddy Got the Weather Wrong, Again

Another summer hockey tournament! ;)

This time, a 7-a-side mixed tournament organised by Decathlon. So of course we wouldn’t be Cambridge South if we didn’t pitch up and represent…

And this is what we did. We pitched up! Some a bit worse for wear, from the expected, “I’m hung-over” from the night before to the, “My wheel dropped off on the drive back to Cambridge”… Jo, really how does that happen?!

So we played. We lost a few, drew a few and won one - hoorah. A big shout out to all who played. Some moments of pure hockey skill and some not so much. It was a hot and sweaty one (despite word of rain… “Bring some extra clothing” - Andy). Especially for Michael who gave us a great display of goalie skill.

Some goals were scored, for and against. We had fun, but above all we didn’t come last. Job done.