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Cambridge South hosted a round robin of matches at Long Road between U8, U10 and U12 teams from South, Newmarket and Cambridge Nomads on Sunday 2 February.

Thank you Kendra for organising this day so well! The fixture timetable, logistics, team assignments, junior umpires and coffee man all worked especially well. Here are a few notes from some of the day’s matches.

A summary of the U8s, ‘The Rascals…’

  • We played four close games.
  • We drew the first two: 0-0, then 1-1.
  • We won the other two: 1-0, then 2-0.
  • Everyone played in all positions, and everyone seemed comfortable in any position.
  • Lots of good listening and awareness of where to pass and where their teammates were.
  • Other examples of really good technique, such as sweep passing, first time shooting… Recent training sessions have paid off!
  • Some really good strong block tackling, especially from Claudia and Emily.
  • Two goals apiece for Charlie and Tommy.
  • Memorable goal-line clearances from both Isabel and Ryan.

U10s Team B
The kids enjoyed their hockey and played some good passing, excellent tackling and positioning. The girls in our group were very confident when on the ball, a major improvement from the last six months. I was very happy to see the players with more skills dominating the game. We had two substitutes and everyone got the opportunity to play each game.

  1. Won 1st game: 2-1
  2. Won 2nd game: 3-1
  3. Drew 3rd game: 3-3 - This was against South and this was the toughest game we played! South v South!
  4. Lost 4th game: 1-2 - A Newmarket player scored a diving deflection goal!

U12 Girls
The girls have really matured and are enjoying their hockey. The midfield played well and passed forward. When opportunities came the forwards were able to shoot at the goal! The girls have become confident and are not scared to play against any opposition now. We had an extra substitute and everyone subbed, except the keeper! :-) Our team’s Imogens were the star performers!

  1. Won 1st game: 2-0 - The game was played mostly in the Newmarket half.
  2. Won 2nd game: 1-0 - The game was again played in the Newmarket half but their defenders stepped up and cleared the ball off the the line multiple times. The goal came from a penalty corner and it was brilliant to see our practice on Saturdays working on Sundays!
  3. Drew 3rd game: 2-2 against Nomads. This was the toughest game and Nomads didn’t have a keeper but an extra outfield player. Our keeper saved lots of shots on our goal! Wonderful hockey by everyone!