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Men's 1sts (Jim Hockley, Stuart Rimmer)

Last Season CHAMPIONS of Div 3NW

After a great season last year, the Men’s 1st team are looking to develop a strong new squad, relying on the strength and depth of players in the club to help consolidate their position in Div 2N. As ever, we play to win and aim to play the very best hockey we can against new teams and at new venues. An exciting season ahead for a team full of potential and with yet more to give!

Ladies' 1sts (Lou Cantwell, Sophie McComish)

Last Season 3rd in Div 3NW(S)

After finishing one point off promotion again last year, we're looking to secure Div 2 hockey for next season. With an influx of talented new players helping us to get off to a great start with a 5-2 win in the first pre-season match, and last season's veterans winning the Norwich City pre-season 7s this weekend, we're raring to go. Major aim is to play some awesome hockey and have a lot of fun this year.

Men's 2nds (Simon Cooper, Tom Anns)

Last Season 4th in Div 4NW

After watching on with a mixture of pride and envy whilst the 1sts sealed a league title last season, the M2s are hungry for some success of their own this time around. Given that defensive frailties are inevitable, the cunning plan revolves around scoring more goals. Coupled with that, our ageing squad is also trying to eat fewer burgers and drink more green tea, so that we might have the mythical 'extra yard of pace' in our legs as well as just in our brains.

Ladies' 2nds (Daniella Kilsby-Steele, Lauren Brown)

Last Season 5th in Div 4NW(S)

We aim to finish within the top 5 in the league, by:

  • Converting pressure (e.g. short corners) into more goals

  • Taking note of areas to improve at matches, work on these at training and then put new skills into practice during games

and we will continue to be a friendly and fun team.

Men's 3rds (Jan Brynjolffssen, Ed Boggis)

Last Season 4th in Div 5NW

The M3s intend to compete in the top half of Division 5. Are we going for promotion? Ask again at Christmas, but I'm very hopeful that we will find ourselves involved in the race for it. More generally we aim to play constructive team-based hockey that will allow good players to demonstrate their ability and make their cases to move up to higher teams.

Ladies' 3rds (Laura Edge, Liz Dunsby)

Last Season 12th in Div 4NW(S)

We are looking forward to the opportunity to be a team that allows people to grow and develop their skill in a supportive and fun environment. Hopefully these new skills will allow us to represent ourselves to the best of our ability during our league matches.

Men's 4ths (John Greaves, Howard Steed)

Last season 11th in Div 5NW

We aim to finish 3rd in Div 6NW(S), welcome newcomers to the club, educate them in the dark arts of stick tackling, and prepare them for a lifelong allegiance to the best club in the region. We will keep our core of battle-hardened veterans and sprightly youngsters, and generously help players develop and practice the skills required at more rarefied levels.

Mixed team (Sophie McComish, Colin Troll)

I've been watching Star Wars (and going bonkers on sick leave). Having already won our first game by crushing Mills and Reeve (Wookies) I am feeling inspired! This year we (The Empire) will be annihilating all that stand in our way, which will include old enemies such as St Ives (Gungans) and Anglia Ruskin Uni (the customers from the dodgy bar in the Tatooine space port). I am sure more rebel forces will stand in our way, such as Long Road (Sand People) and Hills Road (Droid Army) colleges, but these will all be crushed. Our biggest rivals, the Saffron Walden U15 girls team (Ewoks) will not escape the wrath of the dark side (if you find some kind of innuendo in that it's a mere Jedi mind trick).

The mid-season matches will all be a warm up to the main battles next summer, where we will see the return of our awesome Summer Tournament (Battle of Naboo) at Long Road (Death Star), the Ely weekend (Battle of Endor) and also a more adventurous trip to either Spain (Tatooine), Holland (Coruscant) or Cornwall (which is just Cornwall) by making use of Ryanair (Imperial Star Destroyer) to fly us there.

I'm sure everyone will support their captains in these endeavours, and I wish you all the best for the campaign ahead. May the force be with you.

John Greaves
Cambridge South HC