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Welcome to the 2017- 2018 Season. As the leagues startup, our team captains have engaged brains and come up with their cunning plans for glorious success...

Mens 1sts (Stuart Rimmer, Harry Chalk)

Last Season 8th in Div 2N

Finish top 5 of Div 2South and cement our rightful position in this league.  Have fun whilst doing it and play some beautiful hockey. Our approach to this will be hard work under new coach Paul and score more goals than the opposition (and for that matter, last year). Looking forward to a good season with the team

Ladies 1sts (Kim Cooil, Robyn Mclean)

Last Season 1st in Div 3NW

The L1s are looking forward to the season in 2NW, a league that we have long deserved to be in! We are realistically aiming to lay a strong foundation in division 2 this year and hopefully finish within the top half of the table! We are ready to work hard and hopefully the results will come.

Mens 2nds (Simon Cooper, Tom Anns )

Last Season 4th in Div 4NW

This time, it's personal. Division 4NW and I have unfinished business. For too many years have I watched other captains wander up the front of the stage at the end of season dinner and collect the applause of the club for romping to league success. No more. It is our time, the M2s' moment. Nothing but the league title will do. We are privileged. We are the chosen few. Many are considered but few are chosen. People don’t think anything of us. Nothing. We’re here just to make up the numbers. No one’s going to do it for us. We have to find our own solace — our own drive, our ambition, our own inner strength, because the moment’s arrived for the greatest season of our lives.

Ladies 2nds (Louise Warburton, Dani K-Steele)

Last Season 4th in Div 4NW(S)

The L2s are looking for promotion whilst enjoying the hockey along the way. With some great new additions to the team this year we're aiming for a strong start to the season to achieve our ambition.

Mens 3rds (Matt Kern, Ed Boggis, Nevin Warren)

Last Season 1st in Div 5NW

The M3s reigned victorious in 5NW last season and are looking forward to tougher opposition in 4NW.  Confidence is high; we have a strong squad and start the league season off the back of a solid preseason win.  We should be competitive in 4NW, but as with all promotions our first objective is to consolidate and finish mid-table.  We are very much looking forward to the M2 vs M3 intraclub clashes on 18 November and 3 March.

Ladies 3rds (Laurie McKenzie, Hayley Pryke)

Last Season 12th in Div 4NW(S)

The L3's this season are hoping to consolidate on the arrival of lots of new players & the formation of the L4s, allowing us to aim for a competitive season finishing in the top third of the division, perhaps with some luck troubling even the teams in contention for promotion.

Mens 4ths (John Greaves, Rob Barton)

Last season 2nd in Div 6NW(S)

Promotion is the obvious target, as part of the club master plan to get all the men's teams in separate divisions. Our main aim is to make the side one to be proud to play for and fun to play in. We will do this via:

  • Maintaining a streamlined, consistent squad of focused and determined players.
  • High levels of dedication and people to take every minute of every game seriously.
  • Introducing / rediscovering a passing game for the side
  • Playing with an attack-focussed formation and with confidence

Ladies 4ths (Laura Edge)

New to League 5NW(S)

Grow the squad to be competitive within the division. Everyone feeling enabled to play the best hockey they can

Mens 5ths (Shahzad Ali)

New to League 6NW(S)

To develop and maintain a relaxed, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all players where everyone feels they belong.

To encourage and unite players of all skill levels and help them get promoted to the most appropriate team.

To have as much fun as possible, fostering an attitude that it is the camaraderie of the community, the journey, and the experience that are important, not necessarily the final score

Mixed team (Sophie McComish, Colin Troll)

Not only will we be playing a few friendly games against our mates St Ives, but we're gonna get brave by taking our mixed team on a crusade against some of our local rivals, such as Cambridge City, Nomads and St Neots. That should spice things up a bit. We have also entered the England Hockey Mixed national tournament. Having got knocked out in Round 2 by Surbiton last season I reckon we will probably win the whole competition this year. I'm sure we shall be in attendance at the Ely Weekend, defend our plate at the Saffron Walden Bailey Cup, and enter a few more tournaments at the tail end of the season as well.

I'm sure everyone in the teams will support their skippers in these plans. I wish everyone a great season.

John Greaves
Cambridge South HC