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Welcome to the new season at Cambridge South HC. Statto tells us that the leagues have been doing some shuffling around, which appears to give us more promotion chances this term. How do our captains see the season shaping up ?

M5s (Howard Steed)

Improving on an encouraging mid-table (6th in Div 6NW) finish last season will be our main objective for 2018/19; a top-4 finish certainly not being out of the question following our pre-season friendlies against much stronger opposition! We'll continue to be the 'incubator squad' for talented youngsters (and not so youngsters!) keen to develop their hockey and progress to the higher men's squads. We'll continue to provide a welcome introduction/return to hockey for new members where having fun is equally important as winning…and find new ways to ensure that Andy T gets LoM every week!

L4s (Laura Edge)

The focus of the L4 team this year is to enable everybody with the desire to train or play to the best of their ability, in a friendly and supportive environment. There might be a few Percy Pigs along the way. Last season 8th in Div 5NW(s).

M4s (Jason James)

New season, New squad New legacy. M4's the breeding ground, test bench, yard stick and penal colony for young up and coming's, new incumbents and rogue agents looking to get back into form. With big shoes to fill after last season's overwhelming league victory (Champions of Div 6NWS) the new upstarts are eager as ever to wage war in the name of and be proud ambassadors to what is fast becoming a club to be reckoned with Cambridge South Hockey club "Roar, Cheer, streamers, screaming and whistling sheer madness and elation". On the pitch "We are Sparta", Off the pitch we are sociable, friendly, an inviting bunch of misfits.

L3s (Laurie Mackenzie)

Newly promoted into Div. 4NW(S) off the back of 18/18 wins last season (Champions of Div 5NWS), the L3's first goal will be to ensure we stay up, optimistically aiming to finish mid table, with more wins than losses. Additionally we will be doing everything we can to support the 2's in their bid for promotion. All the while, remaining one of the most sociable & cohesive teams in the club off the pitch!

M3s (Matt Kern)

Nobody expected the brilliance shown by M3s last season (6th in Div 4NW). Build on that this season with simple, fast-flowing, attacking hockey. Support the M2s in their promotion push (get the hell out of our division!)

L2s (Izzy & Harriet)

After narrowly missing out on promotion last season (3rd in Div 4NWS), the L2s have something to prove.  We had a great season last year and showed ourselves to be real contenders for the title; we have some great new players and a solid foundation to build on. We're ready to work hard while having fun on the way and hopefully finish at the top. 

M2s (Simon Cooper)

The M2s will once more bid to break free of their Narnia-esque entrapment within Division 4NW (last season 3rd in Div 4NW), where it is always winter but never Christmas. Another year of 'experience' will surely help us overcome such challenges as 'has anybody seen my socks?', 'do we need to stop once or twice to go to the toilet on the way to Alford?' and 'do we need to stop twice or three times to go to the toilet on the way back from Alford?'

L1s (Robyn Mclean)

Building off the back of our solid performance in 2NW last season (4th in Div 2NW), we are determined this year to finish in equal position or above, ultimately striving for promotion into Div1. Excited about the season ahead we are ready and prepared for the challenge. 

M1s (Stu Rimmer)

Having narrowly missed out on achieving last year's goal to finish top 5 (we came 6th in Div 2S), we are upping the ante this year, aiming for promotion.  The M1s have played some sumptuous hockey in pre-season and as the top 3 in the league (now 2N this year) go up it can't be that hard surely....

Mens Vets (Nev Warren)

The Men's Vets are back for the first time since the 2009-10 season.  Those unfamiliar scents of liniment and Voltarol will be whisking their way back to the locker rooms and pitch side at Fortress Long Road.  Supplementing local friendlies to the England Hockey Trophy competition this year. On intentions and aims for the season, it can only be desired that we are able to collectively walk on the Monday's after games.  If we are able to throw together some great looking hockey at some frighteningly slow pace, then that will be a great bonus.  We also have to defend our club record 8 years unbeaten tag, past the first game at least we hope! 

Good luck to all teams representing the Friendliest Club in the known universe. If we can exceed the triumphs of last season, then the Annual Dinner (April 13th 2019) will be so good, no one will remember it ("if you can remember the sixties, you weren't there". Oh never mind) 

John Greaves
Cambridge South HC