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Norwich City Pre-Season 7s

From the girls:

The day started off with a 08:45 McDonalds on the edge of Thetford Forest for all but one of the travelling cars, one car went one McDonalds too far and ended up eating breakfast by themselves! Back with the main party, Harry Lewis was not impressed with the Egg McMuffins, therefore took himself off to Waitrose instead.

Due to an unexpected adult sleepover, Robs, Alice and Lydia were out searching for sports bras in the local retail park, we’ll let you decide who this was for.

Sports bra purchased, we all arrived at Norwich with ample time to watch the Men’s CSHC first match. George the-crowd-pleaser Toynton kicking things off (literally) at the back. Saving a goal into the umpires face, then apologising by giving him a friendly hug and accidentally hitting the umpire again in the face with his stick.

The girl’s first game started with Alice a little distressed due to losing her skirt… But the girls had to play on! Redeeming herself with an outstanding first goal which she reverse stick in the air off a topped attempt at goal by Carly.

  • Food came and went like there was more than just a BBQ pitch side.
  • Carly’s disallowed goal in final match caused an outrage across the rowdy CSHC spectators (there’s no doubt the ball was hit a metre inside the D). 
  • CSHC boys lairy through the fence and at the umpire in the final match. Jo Whittaker volunteered to be the new ladies manager. We won’t say what Harry Lewis volunteered to be.
  • Blythe Murphy gave away about 20 short corners to her foot.
  • Gee Howling found herself playing upfront, shouting ‘I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING’ just to let everyone know. 
  • "BE BETTER" to the ladies from their captain. 
  • Finding Alice’s skirt hung on the fence at the end of the day gave the ladies an amusing round off! 

A fun day out for all who travelled to Norwich on Sunday, sore muscles and sleepy evenings all round for the men & women.

From the boys:

Who decided to put the first club social on the night before the Norwich tournament. A phrase I kept on asking myself repeatedly whilst sending out another reminder email to the club. After taking the mantle from Matt I believe he didn’t expect to be bombarded at the first social from me to go home and get some sleep as he was picking me the next morning, bright and early, at 7.50am to head to Norwich. To my delight Matt reluctantly went home however in an effort to make sure that everyone who was going to Norwich went home to be fresh for the tournament Amalia had different ideas and ended up at her favourite place in the world.. The Regal.
7.50am to the second, Matt knocks on my door. Fresh faced and full of energy already wearing his shin pads I could tell I was in for a long day. A quick detour to Alex’s to switch cars and exchange camping chairs and we were off on the road. The mandatory pit stop at McDonalds was calling however my appetite was not, so a quick detour to Waitrose next door was in order for a pain au chocolat and some grapes. Matt decided he wanted to switch cars again and join Ed however Ed had second thoughts so left Matt empty handed alone in the car park. Thankfully Alex reluctantly let him back into his car.
We all arrived at Norwich with plenty of time to do a ‘team’ warm up followed by a few discussions on formations and tactics. A typical 2-3-1 was in order to flood the midfield and engage the attack. Our first game was successful… mainly thanks to the other team’s keeper not arriving until half way through. So early goals from George’s friend Rob and myself sealed the victory 2-0.
The following games before lunch we won 1-0, 2-0, and lost 2-1. (All goals score by myself). Some excellent defensive work by Joe managed to keep an impressive clean sheet for most of our games. Joe also was keep to “run the clock down” at any moment possible with a few elaborate dives and injuries to keep the opposition at bay.
Lunchtime and George was on a diet so decided to not have any onions in the double cheese burger and hotdog… well done George.
In the afternoon games I decided to try my hand at defending and try to play those pivotal balls through to Oli and get that magical link up play we’re regularly known for in the M1’s on a Saturday. Sadly I got told rudely to go away and stay upfront by Alex and Joe as I’m useless at defending and can’t score from a 16.
After losing 3-0, winning 1-0 and drawing 1-1 we were in a good position coming into the final game. Special mention to Ed for scoring a beauty of a goal in the 1-1 draw. We wanted to end on a high and I did promise Matt I’d score 5 goals a game so had some catching up to do at this point. Annoyingly we only won 3-0… it could have been more if Oli decided to put his stick on the end of the ball when it came across the goal but we’ll forgive him for now.
Overall it was quite a successful day, the M3/1’s came second in the league. The guys did brilliantly to keep the pace and intensity high and George managed to only let in a handful of goals throughout the day… well done George. After packing up and heading to the car I heard there was an award for goal king, so at an attempt to boost my ego I stayed a little longer to see if I’d won it (8 goals in total, a goal a game I thought was not bad… could be in with a shot) annoyingly I lost miserably to some guy from Norwich who scored 15… better luck next year.